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our potential
• the project team is based on a group of experienced engineers, designers, which remain in constant cooperation of other industries such as road, architectural, sanitary, energy engineering,
• bridge construction designers of recognized high technical level and several times awarded for the best bridges of the year in Poland.
our philosophy
• to each project includes a special personalized recognizable and unique form, where the inextricably related are "project = idea = work”
• We are opposed to frequent practice of mindless copying and replication in others,
• he functionality and the achievement of the highest utility values objects is another priority next to individual architectural forms,
• We are always looking for economical solutions,
• the highest quality our projects is also implementing modern solutions and prototype,
• participation in the processes based on the creation of new products and cooperation with specialized institutes and research centre,
• special our interest in difficult projects located in urban infrastructure and challenging projects of historic buildings,
• We value working with contractors, especially in works formula "design and build".
We offer consulting services …
• develop design concepts,
• a study of the technical and economic-environmental stage,
• complete construction and execution design with obtain all permits,
• detailed design and workshop drawings, design of erection stages,
• technical surveys of buildings, 
• technical expertise
• technical advice,
• technical and economic analysis,
• the designer's supervision during construction,
• the supervision engineer service.
zakres usług to …
• bridges , viaducts, tunnels, pedestrian bridges …
• road infrastructure,
• railway infrastructure,
• special, unusual and difficult buildings,
• reconstruction of underground infrastructure and network.
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